London South Bank University

The Trust has been working with London South Bank University for some years, but in 2010 the students surpassed themselves with a project so professional and well put together the Trustees just had to congratulate the lecturers on their management and quality of the project. The first project the Trust engaged with was development of a web site for Dunnet Head in 2004, followed by a specification for getting the best out of Google Earth for the community. This project is by far the best, and LSBU should be very proud of its students.

The project was to reverse engineer a walking web site which had been put together by one of the Scottish Councils. In fact the final product surpassed the original specification and the Trust has a useful tool with which to promote its walks and derive benefit. The project was to design a sysem so that accommodation providers and other organisations could input their walks, both self guided and guided, to raise money for the running costs of the Trust. Organisations will be given access to the back end and enable them to charge for their walks which can either be an add on for a hotel or for organisations to input their data as a walking group.

The specification was written by Tina Irving, BSc, Pg Dip, founder of the Trust and Trustee. Tina was a student at the University from 1993 to 1998. Tina worked closely with the lecturers to ensure that the project was kept on track. The students were delighted to be working on a real world project.

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