North Highland Way

The route is intended for walkers, horse riders and cyclists under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.  It will be the only route in Scotland which is accessible by all non motorised vehicles,  under the Code. You can receive a report on the progress by contacting the development  manager of the route at TDM Consultancy Services.


Are helping develop the North Highland Way.

The concept of the North Highland Way was born at Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of the UK mainland.  The owners of the B&B, cafe and Trustees of the Dunnet Head Educational Trust (2003 to 2016) worked with the local community, and still do remotely, to develop the Way.  Public services – Scottish Natural Heritage, The Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise as well as the Caithness Transport Forum and the Forestry Commission are all involved in the North Highland Way in some form.  TDM Consultancy Services manage the development of the route.

The route

The basic route is available in and Friends of the North Highland Way can see the specification in the members area on as well as downloadable maps and other benefits.  We continue to work with walking groups and walking organisations to bring walkers to the north.  We have also recently started working with cycling and horse riding groups.

The North Highland Way is 150 miles from John o Groats to Durness.  There are two spurs planned, one out to Halkirk, one of Scotland’s first planned villages, and the other to the Flow Country at Forsinard.  The route goes through some of the most spectacular countryside in the world.

We are developing hubs at strategic points:

The next person to join Friends of the North Highland Way will receive a premium package worth £25.99 if they sign up before 31st July. 2018.


The original sponsors of the North Highland Way can be found on an old website.

We have launched a new web site with new information at This is in the format of a forum so members can log problems and see the latest offers on the Way.

Meanwhile, you can see some information about walks here.


The proprietor used to go riding a lot in Caithness…

Check out her Facebook page.  She is writing an article for Ordnance Survey in the spring!


You can download routes which were developed by the Caithness Riders Access Group when they were in existence.  They will be out of date, but riders can check them out.  Not all are on the North Highland Way….




Join Friends of the North Highland Way and get 10% off bike hire.


Or go walking with the local Health Group – Step it up Highland.  Free of charge!

Also the Caithness Waybaggers go out regularly as do the Caithness Field Club...

We also sell Caithness Field Club books and other walking books.

We have teamed up with Ordnance Survey and are in the process of developing walking


If you like to know more about the development of the North Highland Way, you can see it on our news service.  This includes notes of meetings with public services, letters to and from THC and HIE since the book was written.  It also contains the original specification of the Way as produced by The Highland Council. Available to members of Friends of the North Highland Way only.

We hope that one day the route will become a national way…. !